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Changes from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 (Preview)

The following and more features from SharePoint 2010 Products have been deprecated or removed from SharePoint 2013. Deprecated features are included in SharePoint 2013 for compatibility with previous product versions. […]

The Communicator is SharePoint Police Now!

Yes! You read it right The Communicator is SharePoint Police Now. Few reasons for changing the domain name 1. Few days back Google pulled subdomains from search, and as […]

I’m Awarded The Microsoft Community Contributor Award 2011

Got an email from Microsoft today morning Dear Mukesh, Congratulations! We’re pleased to inform you that your contributions to Microsoft online technical communities have been recognized with the Microsoft Community […]

Automated PowerShell Script to backup SharePoint Farm or Site Collection with email Notification

In today’s fast paced environment, we really like most of our things to be automated and at the same time get an alert on how things are going, so we […]

UserName showing up as DomainName\UserName instead of Full Name in SharePoint 2010

I have seen a lot of people facing a problem in SharePoint 2010, where the UserName is displayed as DomainName\UserName instead of its Full Name. As a solution a lot […]

SharePoint 2010 PowerShell CMDLets Master List

Master list of all PowerShell CMDLets available for SharePoint 2010 Cmdlet name Description Add-SPClaimTypeMapping Adds a claim mapping to a trusted security token service (STS) identity provider. Add-SPDiagnosticsPerformanceCounter Adds an […]

How to Retrieve/Decrypt Password of an Application Pool in IIS 7.0 or 7.5?

If you ever forgot the password of the account used by a particular Application Pool in IIS 7.0 or 7.5, and would like to retrieve the same. You can use […]

The Communicator is Back!

Finally, The Communicator is Back, it was a very rough journey in bringing The Communicator back online from where Burst, Burst Net, Nocster had left us after pulling the cords […]

Site Templates in SharePoint 2010

Have found the need of SharePoint Site Templates codes a lot these days while using scripts to create Sites, or restoring a site to a new Site Collection as with […]

The version of the package 14.0.4536.1000 is different from the current version this program supports, 14.0.4762.1000

I was thinking to post this and a lot of other posts on my blog but due to some personal reasons and work I was not able to so, Well […]