The Communicator is Back!

Finally, The Communicator is Back, it was a very rough journey in bringing The Communicator back online from where Burst, Burst Net, Nocster had left us after pulling the cords of the Blogetery Server which hosted roughly 65k + Bloggers blog without any notice. You can find more information on the same at CNN, BBC, Fox News, CNET,, etc. We waited atleast a week without knowing why the server was down & the worst part was we didn’t even had any recent good backup of the entire blog. The things we missed where mostly images, as I write this a few of the articles are still missing images which will be restored soon.

But at the end we are really happy to put it together and get it back online with all the links referring to The Communicator intact. We will try my best to keep the downtime as low as possible in the future in such situations. Also the good news is we are not using any free hosting to host out blog.

Requests to all of you, if you find any broken links do let us know via the contact page so we can try to fix it as soon as possible.

Update:- Finally i got some time and have updated all the missing images.