How to install Windows 7 from a Pen Drive or USB Drive in 10 Easy Steps

As always friends keep on calling me asking how to install something or the other on their machines. Recently a friend bought a Netbook and wanted to upgrade to Windows 7 but as you might be aware that Netbook lacks an Optical drive. And the only traditional way people are aware of installing or upgrading an OS in any system is through some Optical media. In his case I suggested him to use an USB Drive to install, also told him to search online for some guides for the same. After an hour or so he calls me back saying he is not able to follow those guides and are confusing as it uses DISKPART or MBRWIZ to prepare the USB drive for this purpose, also he is not sure if it is safe to go ahead and not actually formatting one of his physical drive instead of the USB Drive. So he wanted something which is like Next, Next & Finish and the USB Drive ready.

Well I found this application on CodePlex called Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. And it is exactly what my friend was looking for Next, Next & Finish. This
tool is so easy that one
does not even needs a guide for this but to get it all right for the average Joe & Jane user here it is.


  1. Install the Image Mastering API v2.0 (IMAPIv2.0) for Windows XP (KB932716) before installing the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool or you will be greeted with the following fatal dialog box, if you try to install the Tool directly on your System.

  2. After Installing Image Mastering API v2.0 you can install the USB Tool, Just follow the onscreen wizard.

  3. After the tool is installed Plug in your USB Drive if you have not done it yet & start the application from Program files or from the Desktop Shortcut.

  4. Click On Browse and locate the Windows 7 ISO file & Click Next.

  5. Click on USB Device.

  6. Choose your USB Drive here, I’m using a 4GB Kingston DataTraveler for this guide.

  7. Click On Begin Copying [Note:- This will Format your USB Drive and any data on the USB Drive will be permanently lost, At this time I would suggest you to backup any data from your USB Drive to a safe location.]

    The application will warn you twice for the same.

    1. First Warning

    2. Second Warning

  8. After accepting the above Dialog box. The tool will start preparing your USB Drive.

  9. On Completion it will you give you the following Success Message.

  10. You USB key is now all set to go! Plug It into the target system where you want to install Windows 7 and set your system to BOOT from USB Device [Check your System Manufacturers user Manual on how to boot from USB Device, as each system has a different setting]