SQL Server 2005 Management Studio slow at opening tables, Grid Draw & Refresh.

Recently on one of our Clients machine where SQL Server 2005 Management studio is installed was responding very slowly at opening tables actually it was taking time to redraw those tables on the screen, and really i would say it was a pain going through tables and also i heard few people actually blaming the SQL Server itself to be too slow for just opening the table. That sounds funny or were they really frustrated due to the problem, anyways as it was taking time to redraw the table on screen i was sure it was something related to the Display Drivers. So i quickly went to Display Properties >> Settings >> Advanced >> TroubleShoot & Just pulled down the Hardware Acceleration to 2nd notch as seen in the below image. Applied the settings

SQL Slow Response Display Settings

And as i thought everything was back to normal, Later I updated the display drivers to the latest one and reverted the changes I had made earlier made and yes the problem was gone. If you are facing similar kind of problem i would suggest you to first lower the Hardware Acceleration level first before trying anything else or are frustrated and start blaming the SQL Server for the same.

If you are having problem where the SQL Management Studio Takes time to Load/Startup, try the following

1. Close the SQL Management Studio if its open.
2. Start Internet Explorer and navigate to Tools >> Internet Options >> Advanced Tab
3. Under Settings >> Security >> Check if the “Check publisher’s certificate revocation*” option is checked, then uncheck it
4. Close Internet Explorer and Start SQL Management Studio. It should load without any delays now.


SQL Slow Startup